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The Projects

Envision: Grade 4 contains a series of four multidisciplinary real-world projects, one for each quarter of the school year, and is designed to inspire students to set goals for their future. For each Envision project, students are guided to create a comprehensive portfolio, a formal classroom presentation, and an exhibit presented at an Envision Project Expo.

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Over the course of the four projects, students will acquire decision-making, logistics, time-management, budgeting, organization, goal-setting, self-reflection, interpersonal, research, data collection, graphing, mapping, questioning, persuasive letter writing, and technology skills. They will also cultivate an in-depth awareness of global and community issues, as well as personal habits.


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Grade 4 Teacher Manual

Table of Contents

Grade 4 Table of Contents


Envision Sample Pages

.pdf files available for download

Envision Sample Page 1Envision Sample Page 2Envision Sample Page 3Envision Sample Page 4Envision Sample Page 5

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Envision: Grade 4 Includes

Envision Program Contents

  • A step-by-step Teacher Instruction Guide with detailed visual examples
  • A Student Instruction Guide for each Envision project based on detailed objectives and high-level thinking
  • Ready-to-use forms, charts, parent/student letters, invitations, signs, and certificates
  • Teacher assessments, student self-assessments, and project checkpoints
  • Several opportunities for parent involvement
  • A CD of over 70 color, customizable forms
  • 5 color posters and 1 color bulletin board banner
  • Over 55 Student Resource Cards

Additional resource card sets can be purchased for classes of more than ten to fifteen Envision students.


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